Structural repairs and rehabilitation
Structural grouting
Injection grouting
Underlay, concrete admixtures and fiber reinforcement to new Industrial floors
Repairs of cracks and pothole in industrial floors
Concrete admixtures and plasticizers
Re-barring / Bar-anchoring
Expansion joints filler boards and capping
Earthquake movement joints filler boards and capping
Waterstops and waterbars
Polymer admixtures and bonding agents
Epoxy bonding agents
Curing compounds
Mould release agents
Tiling adhesives, grouts and spacers
Anti-vibration pads
Rust converters primers
Stain removal, marble / kota repolishing
Anti-fungus & anti-stain treatment to marble, sandstones, limestones, granites, bricks, claytiles etc.
Membrane lining for ETPs, ponds, lagoons etc.
Basement capping with membrane
Terrace garden membrane lining

Pure Ultra-sonic Pigeon / Crow repellents



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